Increase Your Curb Appeal With Concrete Power Washing

Dirty concrete driveways, sidewalks, or parking lots can prevent your property from looking its best. At Seay the Difference, we use power washing to clean the dirt and debris out of the crevices in your pavement so that your property can look its best.

Our concrete cleaning services are an excellent option for property sellers aiming to increase curb appeal, business owners trying to make their business feel more inviting, or homeowners wanting to spruce up their homes. Contact us to get a price quote and schedule an appointment.

Count On Our Excellent Service

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be satisfied with our concrete cleaning and customer service. We will answer any questions and address your concerns.

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Reliable Service

We know that you place trust in us when you let us clean your property. That’s why we give upfront pricing and always act with integrity. 

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Strong communication is the foundation of our service. You can count on us to answer the phone and respond to any messages.

Our Expertise Makes Power Washing Safe

Power washing works by using very high water pressure. Its forceful water output makes extracting dirt from deep within the crevices of your concrete possible, but it can also cause severe injury and property damage if improperly used by someone untrained.

At Seay the Difference, our technicians are certified and trained in correct and safe power washing techniques. Our knowledge and experience let us clean your property without causing harm. Call us if you want to learn more about how safe power washing works.

Spruce Up Your Property In Just 3 Steps


Give us a call or fill out our form to set up an appointment. We will give you a free price quote.


We use our powerful power washing equipment to force out all of the grime hidden in your property’s concrete surfaces.


Your concrete will be clean and look almost new, boosting your property’s appearance and curb appeal.

Our Concrete Cleaning Approach

Seay the Difference uses power washing to get your concrete as clean as possible. We clean your surfaces using professional pressure washing equipment to remove any hard stains, dirt, algae, oil, and mildew buildup. We use specialized detergents and pay attention to detail to make sure your concrete is as clean as possible when we are finished.