Get High-Quality Commercial Floor Maintenance

As a business owner, you probably know that having a clean business attracts customers and boosts employee productivity. Eventually, your business’s floors will need cleaning beyond what regular janitorial services can offer. At Seay the Difference, we provide high-quality tile and carpet deep cleaning and maintenance services for commercial clients in the San Antonio area.

Deep cleaning your carpets and tile not only improves the appearance of your business, it also promotes the longevity of your floor, saving you money down the road. Contact us to schedule a floor cleaning appointment for your business.

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All of our commercial floor deep cleaning services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Commercial Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Carpets trap dirt, dust, bugs, allergens, odors, bacteria, and debris over time. While vacuuming helps, all commercial carpet needs to be deep cleaned periodically to reach the grime embedded deep within the carpet fibers and allow the carpet to last longer.

All tile floors have small crevices that collect grime over time that regular mopping can’t fully address. Seay the Difference uses special tools and equipment to remove the dirt, bacteria, and mildew trapped deep within your grout. We understand how to clean all types of tile flooring safely.

Call us to set up a floor cleaning appointment to get your company’s floors back to looking brand new.

Get Beautiful Floors In Just 3 Steps


Contact us, let us know what floor cleaning services your business needs, and we will set up an appointment time that works best for your business.


Seay the Difference will arrive on time and use specialized cleaning equipment and detergents to deep clean your floors.


Your business’s floors will sparkle, boosting your business environment for customers and employees. You will benefit from your floors lasting longer.

How Commercial Floor Cleaning Works

Seay the Difference uses top-grade carpet cleaning equipment, products, and techniques to ensure we extract as much debris from your carpet as possible. After we are finished, your carpets will feel soft, smell great, and look clean.